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You might have some Questions. Don't stress. We got your back.

1. What is Eyebrows Threading?

Originated in Asia, Threading is an ancient method (5000 YEARS) of hair removal. Before a threading session, the skin is prepared by wiping the area with a cotton ball soaked in astringent. This produces a cooling effect which numbs the skin and hence causing less pain. Threading technique involves usage of cotton thread. The cotton thread is twisted and rolled along the surface of the skin entwining the hairs in the thread, which are then lifted quickly from the follicle.

2. Why is it better than other solutions?

Eyebrow threading offers more precision and you can shape your brows according to your heart desire. Eyebrow threading is also preferred hair removal technique for a number of reasons. Unlike tweezing or plucking, eyebrow threading removes one clean line of hair all at once, making it much quicker and easier to shape the brows. As opposed to waxing, the top layers of skin are not peeled or traumatized in the process. It is important to find an aesthetician who is experienced at eyebrow threading. Inexperienced aesthetician/beautician can result in uneven brows, hair breakage, ingrown hairs, or unnecessary pain and other complications. After a threading session, a soothing lotion/antibiotic cream is applied to the threaded area.

3. How long does Eyebrows threading last?

Hair threading usually lasts 2 to 3 weeks; still considered the best when compared to other solutions.

4. How is the procedure done?

In the procedure, the beautician removes individual or group of unwanted hair by using “thread” which is wound around the fingers like a loop, the thread is looped around hair follicles and pulled out quickly with brisk movements in rapid succession.

5. Is it painful? Do I need more info?

You will temporarily experience rosy skin (some suffer worse than others), so you might not want to go straight out on a date afterwards, but it'll last an hour, max. Don't wear lots of eye makeup (for the above reason) or you'll probably smudge it everywhere.Be prepared for the Esthetician to forgo asking what shape you want and to just get to work on instinct. So if you're growing out your arches, for example, be sure to specify and they should advise you on the best strategy. Esthetician might question whether you want your brows "trimmed or not"after the threading; it's optional but it makes unruly hairs look much neater. If you have especially fine hair or sparse brows you might want to decline.

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